We know that the right equipment and supplements play a crucial role in effective training and performance improvement. For this reason, we show you high quality products that we use and that we are convinced will help you reach your peak performance.


The King of Weighted Belt

Forget the metal chain. Forget heavy, inflexible, and inconvenient belts. It's time to introduce the next generation. The King Of Weighted Belt.

The belt is designed from weighted, for weighted athletes. The metal rings are covered by fabric for more convenience and less risk of impinging your clothes. The belt is super light and almost doesn't need to be considered in your weighted sets. We got rid of the back pad that tends to impinge your skin on the back. The material is soft and not too hard and so sits better on the hips. The chain is made from nylon and adjustable in length. It is long enough to hang the plates low for dips and pull ups but can also be adjusted to be super short for muscle-ups. Also, you won't get deaf anymore if you drop the chain accidentally. 


Barbell & Plates

The people from STRENGTHSHOP get to the point: "Calibrated plates are to the ambitious athlete what the hammer is to Thor". Combined with the IWF compliant barbell, they are absolute must haves in any of our workouts.

Next to a proper grip, the calibration of a barbell is important to us. A 20kg barbell should really weigh 20kg. Also, thin plates are ideal for Weighted Calisthenics, so you can hang many plates between your legs. A nice feature is the IPF color code, which helps to quickly recognize the weights.

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Wrist Wraps & Clothing

The Wrist Wraps from GORNATION have one purpose: stability.  Through the stretchy material, the thumb strap and the Velcro closure, you can create a lot of support for your wrist and thus retrieve more power and prevent injuries.

GORNATION is known worldwide for high quality fitness clothing. Together with numerous calisthenics athletes, they constantly develop
high-quality clothing that is ideal for your workout. We find it especially exciting that GORNATION places great value on community building, which is also in line with our mission. 

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