Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Showdown by King of Weighted? 

The Showdown is an international online weighted calisthenics competition. The score, which is the deciding factor for the ranking, is based on the 3 disciplines Pull Up/Chin Up, Dip and Squat. A total is calculated from the additional weight of each exercise. Each exercise is performed with only one repetition, whereby the athlete tries to move the maximum additional weight. So the deciding factor is the 1RM for each discipline. 

The athlete with the highest total at the end of the season wins and receives the prize money and the title "King of Weighted".


Who can participate? 

You must be at least 18 years old. There are no other barriers. We want a competition for as many athletes in the world as possible. 


Where can I participate?

It is an international online competition. So you don't have to travel to participate in the competition. The only important thing is that you can perform the 3 disciplines. It doesn't matter if you do the exercises in the gym, home gym or at another competition. 

Note: Read the rulebook! We describe exactly how you can submit your attempts and which format you have to follow.  


When can I participate and until when does a season last?

On the landing page of the Showdown and above the ranking we will communicate the data on the duration of a season. A classic Showdown season will usually last 3 months. So you have enough time to submit your 3 (+1) attempts. 

Note: You can get one additional attempt in addition to your 3 attempts. Get the King of Weighted Belt at and enter the Order ID in your profile under "Account".  

What do I need to participate? 

You need an athlete account for the Showdown. Just register here on the Showdown website. You also need a public Instagram profile, because you upload the attempts as a carousel post on Instagram, share the post link in the attempt upload and wait for our confirmation. 

For the rest, all you need is the set up to perform the exercises and a smartphone to film and upload the attempts. 


Why was my attempt not confirmed valid? 

There can be 2 reasons for this. 
Either the execution of the exercises was not according to the rules, or you did not follow the upload guidelines. 

You can find out the reason by clicking on the red circle behind the exercise in your attempt overview.

In the rulebook you will find the exact guidelines for the execution of the exercises, the perspectives from which you should film the exercises and the explanation of a correct upload.