This online competition enables every athlete to compete with others from all over the world for free.
No travels needed - easy to do from your usual workout location when you are ready.


How do you take part?

Just register and upload your attempts.

1. Check out THE RULES

2. REGISTER and create an account

3. UPLOAD your attempt on Instagram and submit it via your Showodwn account

That's it.



What is The Showdown?

Home of weighted calisthenics athletes.
The global ranking and competition.

No Fees

There is no registration fee for participation in the Showdown. The creation of an athlete profile, as well as the entry of results/ attempts is free of charge.

3 Disciplines

The competition is based on 3 basic exercises executed in 1rm style: Dips, Pull Ups/Chin Ups and Squats.

The Total counts

The three values of the disciplines added together give a total which is used to determine the athlete's position in the ranking. Accordingly, the total is the sum of all additional weights (barbell+weights). 

Clean Execution

The exercises should be performed in accordance with the requirements set out in the rulebook under "Competitive disciplines and their execution" or scroll down.

3 Attempts per Season

The duration of a season is 3 calendar months. All dates and deadlines are communicated on the website ( Up to 3 attempts can be submitted in one season. An attempt is made of the 3 disciplines Dip, Pull Up and Squat. 

Get Rewarded

You will be ranked based on your total. At the end of the season, every first place finisher in a weight class will receive the Showdown prize. In addition, each participating athlete has the chance to win huge giveaways.



At the end of the season, the first ranked athlete of a weight class will receive a prize money of 1000€. In addition, the winner will receive a trophy and the title "The King of Weighted".







Giveaways will be regularly organized throughout the season among all participating athletes who have submitted at least one attempt. So every athlete has several chances to win big prizes.





Here's what you should pay attention to

Check out the King of Weighted Coaching Cues and the following posts about the correct technique for the lifts.
If your attempt does not meet the requirements, it will not be considered for the showdown.